Petition to Stop the Sale of Horse Meat for Human Consumption!

Petition to Stop the Sale of Horse Meat for Human Consumption in W.A & Australia!

Please download our petition by clicking the following link:
Download Horse Meat Petition

This Petition WILL be submitted formally to the Western Australian Legislative Assembly, meaning the Liberal State Government will have to respond to our Petition. Please we ask that you gather as many signatures as you can and send them back to the PO Box supplied. The petitions MUST been in hand writing with signatures, this is the formal process for presenting petitions to Parliament!

We particularly need W.A residents to sign this petition as this is a W.A Government decision!

Please share this petition with others. We need your help. Thank you.

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16 Responses to Petition to Stop the Sale of Horse Meat for Human Consumption!

  1. tracey stanton says:

    it makes me sick how people treat these animals . we r not a 3rd world country were we need 2 eat horses cause there is nothing else 2 eat … this very country we live in was founded on the backs of these very animals they are slaughtering to eat .. sick sick sick .. its probably the same people that think eating whale is right ..

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  3. Jolene Bulled says:

    This is not good horses help us in the pass, and this is want we do to them now.
    We all need to put stop this.
    It makes me sick to, to hear that this is happening.
    Please every one help the horses that need our help.

  4. Pam Bean says:

    I am now a vegetarian, but it constantly amazes me that there are some people that think that everything that moves has to be shoved in their mouths to fill their bellies.
    Horses are very sensitive creatures and work hard for human beings – is this how we repay them – with treachery? It is disgusting and I truly hope W.A. will not go down this path. We should try and eradicate pain and suffering in fellow creatures, not continually add to the list of sins committed by human animals.

  5. Jess says:

    This literally makes me ill.

  6. Sheree Urquhart says:

    It makes me sick to even think about these beautiful creatures being slaughtered. its 2010 people…we don’t need to kill horses for consumption. These are the animals that every little girl dreams of owning one day. They have helped people so much throughout history and we treat them like dirt. once again i am embarrassed to be Australian.

  7. Danielle Germech says:

    As an owner of two beautiful horses, and one off the track, I find it so sad that we need to kill yet another animal. Do we not have enough choice as it is? It’s a sad world where we kill animals for our own pleasure. I wish the whole world was vegetarian but that will never be the case. I converted 3 years ago, and though only a small change, I’m glad I made it

  8. Skye Simon says:

    Horse slaughter makes me sick.
    If they can almost eliminate this in America do it here to!

  9. luv4animal says:

    It brakes my heart. I volunteer for a local equine rescue group. And have my own horse. I want o vomit when i see this. But back yard horse-slaughter house are still in United states too. Florida mostly. Check out my blog at please share the stories and write some of your own. More article to come this week.

  10. Lisa says:

    As horse owners and horse lovers we must stand together and really stop this.
    Can you please check link for the petition as I am having trouble downloading it.

  11. Ally Parker says:

    I am disgusted, i own horses and i could never dream of eating horse meat, come on these horses have been someones pet, we breed cpws for this, leave these poor animals alone….. enough is enough, i can’t even stand to look at the above pictures!!!! STOP THIS!!!

  12. Coral says:

    How this isn’t banned already appals me..I’m disgusted.

  13. Chantelle says:

    Its is sicking to think the horrible torture that these poor beautiful and innocent souls go through, however i think another leading aspect to the end result – horse slaughter – needs to be looked into. Every now and then i will go to a horse auction and im sure a lot of you readers do also and there you will see skeleton thin horses (I saw one poor girl who was heavily pregnant skin and bones and couldnt open her eyes because of an infection) generally the poor things have over grown hooves and old untreated injuries – majority of the time quite serious. These owners dump them off in the dogger pens and thats that, no accountability, no one to answer to they have just dumped their actions and the poor horse and it’s horrific death is the result. It is then accepted that they are just sold to the doggers. Now hang on?! isn’t that a bit ridiculous! obviously these owners leave contact details and an address for payment to be sent to (Generally made by cheque) so why do we NOT have an organisation such as the RSPCA going to these auctions and looking into these mistreated horses? These horses have suffered for months and months ! getting to the state they are in.! Isn’t that enough to bring their owner to responisibility and make their owner accountable? Honestly i just don’t understand. These auctions are where the slaughter houses get 99% of their stock from so obviously people are just using it as a quick escape and dumping ground, because if they tried to advertise these horses they would be reported and held accountable. I think this is a huge issue that needs to be looked in further! Reply if you agree or have any ideas to help this situation.

  14. Annabella Newbold says:

    the governments should even be thinking about this, this will outrage every person in australia.
    i personally own horses and the love they bring and all they give to us is far more than any other human could possably give us.


  15. H.R.B says:

    If we get a whole lot of signatures where do we send it to??

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