Horse Meat – It is a Night Mare for these creatures

From sale yard to transport to slaughter house – Horse Meat is CRUELTY on a plate. These animals suffer immensley. They are merely “pickings of the discarded and unwanted” – Horses who are no longer winning races, are not fit to breed, or have no homes to go to as there are simply too many horses in Australia as a result of this over supply.

Horse Meat is misery. Horses are flighty animals, they easily scare, they are large and strong and do not take well to transport, heavy handling (as is done in slaughterhouses to force them towards slaughter) and the eventual cruel end at slaughter.

Australians do not want to see Horse Meat on the menu – these animals are our companion animals, children’s pets, Policemens partners in protecting the community, therapy animals for disabled children.

Minister Terry Redman, Minister for Agriculture in W.A sees horses as merely a profit margin, another animal he can add to his portfolio of “industry” in Australia – and by granting ONE sole butcher a license to sell this meat – has condoned the cruelty suffered by these animals with no due process, consideration for their welfare or accountability to the public to ensure the safety of this meat.

Some may say Horse Slaughter is humane – however take some time to explore that for yourself. There is nothing humane about being injured or ill and being transported for days in cold or heat, frightened – to be deprived of food and water for extended periods prior to transport – to then your brutal death. Falling from a great height with a bullet wound to your head, or being stunned through your skull which often does not even work. This is the cruel reality that exists in this country – and we do this en mass to the very creatures who work to serve us and be our beloved companions. Where do we move the line in the sand to now?

DEMAND THAT THIS LICENSE IS REVOKED! Contact your local MP and raise your concerns, search your local member here:

DON’T VOTE LIBERAL! Governments are most often concerned about their vote count, rather than addressing real issues. If you don’t vote for them because of this, you are sending a clear and direct message about your choices as a voter in this country.

SIGN OUR PETITION! We need your help to show the Government the real concern amongst the community.


Horse Meat is misery - we must stop creating ANY new demand!

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5 Responses to Horse Meat – It is a Night Mare for these creatures

  1. Eden says:

    This is shocking the way these beautiful creatures are treated. Anyone who treats horses like this should have to experience the immense pain they go through. I think this is an appaling problem that should be seen to imediatly.

    • Kirsten says:

      I completely agree with you. It’s actually shocking to see how people in the racing industry themselves just use them. Keep the horse because it’s making them money and as soon as it can’t race anymore or simply just isn’t winning races that lovely horse is gone. And we all know where to, i find that so wrong using horses for meat is inhumane. And i agree should be stopped immediately!

  2. drew gath says:

    the slaughter of horses for food is barbarick. the australian goverment needs to step in. next they will want our dogs as well. horses are a majestic creatures that have served man for 100s of years they deserve better

    • Kirsten says:

      I completely agree with you. But it seems that for some people once the horse can’t keep making money for them it’s gone… it’s so sad to think such beautiful animals that a lot of us ourselves own are ending up in such a disgusting place.

  3. suszanne says:

    there is no other species more crueller than a human, we are not even good to our own so a helpless horse has no hope, lets hope one day we get a few polititions with a backbone and a thread of decency to do the right thing

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