A visit to a Knackery (Horse Slaughterhouse)…in her own words

The following is a “diary entry” of a passionate Horse Rescuer and Horse Welfare Activist, Amanda Vella. This is her own account of a visit to a Knackery.

Not exactly the best way to spend a sunday afternoon. 

We arrived at the gates of this old country knackery, and we could see the horses in the pens.. waiting. My freind whistles out to the horses and a few call back, one is a big pally mare with a roman nose.. She is beautiful. We walk up the old rocky drive way to a tin shed that looks normal in the country but its far from normal. At the front of the door way, lay the raw rib cage of the last slaughtered horse. We walk up to the tin shed and see more of the horse waste.. Some guts, hooves and a little chocolate brown horsey’s head… Its disgusting and heart breaking and my freind says to me “harden up princess”.. She was right, i had to harden up…. This is how things are done in the country…. 

The slaughter man see’s us and he comes over, his hands were covered in blood, his clothes and even his face.. It looked like something out of a horror movie and my friend says to me “if he comes out with a chainsaw, im outta here”.. She wasnt joking… 

We chat to him and he agrees to let us have a look, and I fall in love with the pally mare.. There is no way im leaving her.. We also fall in love with a little stock horse colt… On one side of the pen is a TB with a broken leg, he was there for a reason.. In the pen next to him is another TB thats completely blind, he to was there for a reason. There was also a number of brumby foals and a few ponies.. ..

We try to catch the pally mare, she is so scared.. My friend slowly gains her trust, i stand by and watch… We walk her out, past all of her pen mates remains and load her onto the float without a problem, she is happy to leave… We go back for the colt and spend a while trying to gain his trust, but he is unhandled.. The slaughter man comes out to let us know he is sending more into the shed, we hear two gun shots.. I look up towards the shed and he throws a little brown head out onto the pile of waste, i can see its tounge hanging out of its head… Very sad…. 

We decide that we cant catch the little colt and make the very hard decision to leave him there, he was next in line to die… 

The mare travels home well and is placed in her new paddock, she is happy and settled.. A lovely mare named “sweet heart”… I still smelt like death and i can still smell it now…

Horse Slaughter, a visit to a knackery

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4 Responses to A visit to a Knackery (Horse Slaughterhouse)…in her own words

  1. K. aka Kel says:

    Oh, for the grace of god…

  2. hollie says:

    that brings tears to my eyes….

  3. suszanne says:

    they’ve carried us through war, plowed our food, carried our mail, worked beside us for generations, gave us pleasure and provided us with too many numerous occasions where they have helped us, but because we a barbaric as humans no animals are safe

  4. This is the saddest thing I have ever read. You and your friend are godsends for saving the mare and trying to save the colt.

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