W.A State Election, Colin Barnett – A vote for Horse Meat!

WA Liberal Party - A vote for Horse Meat!

Western Australians go to the Polls on March 9th 2013.

What will your vote do for Horse Welfare in W.A?

Premier Colin Barnett and his State Liberal Government in Western Australia, are responsible for introducing Horse Meat to the Australian Plate. Horse Meat was banned for Human Consumption in Australia, however Minister Terry Redman granted his long time “associate” Butcher Vince Gareffa a license to sell Horse Meat for Human Consumption in Australia in 2010.

The Barnett Liberal Government have a poor record for Animal Welfare issues in W.A, disbanding the Independent Animal Welfare Unit and its successful Inspectorate, handing all responsibility to the Department of Agriculture – creating Self Regulation of Animal Welfare in Agriculture (Fox in charge of the hen house).

The Barnett Liberal Government ceased mandatory reporting for Animal Testing in W.A!

The Barnett Liberal Government approved cruel Ariel culls (shooting at random from a helicopter) for our Wild Brumby Horses in the Kimberley in W.A.

The Barnett Liberal Government introduced a plan to kill protected and endangered Great White Sharks in W.A – recently one was seen swimming offshore, and that was enough for the Government to issue an order to kill the Shark. This plan goes against Marine Biologists and Scientists views and Shark Experts and Conservation Groups work to save and protect this Shark. Humans kill over 73 million Sharks a year and NO moves have been made to assess WHY these Sharks are coming closer to shore and encountering us humans in their territory.

The Barnett Liberal Government have approved Gas Hubs in North W.A in pristine environments, on sacred traditional lands, in marine areas so precious such as Whale Nurseries. The Environmental impact will be detremental to this area, to the animals and marine life of this area in W.A.



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