Horse Meat Watch

Chemicals & Cruelty = A Miserable Meal

Chemicals & Cruelty = A Miserable Meal

Know of a butcher or restaurant selling Horse Meat? Message us on facebook and let us know!

The following are those who have been or are trading/supplying horse meat in Australia for Human Consumption:

Mr Vince Gareffa

Mondo Butchers
Vince applied for and was granted the only license in Australia by Minister Terry Redman, in July 2010, to sell Horse Meat for Human Consumption. Vince is trading wholesale & retail in the sale of horsemeat.

You can view many articles on and comments from Vince on our NEWS page.

Global Game Meats


Fratellis Paradiso Wine Bar – Selling “Horse Meat Pies”

10 William Street
Paddington, 2021

02 9360 3310

Chianti On Collins – Horse Meat on the menu
23 Colins Street
West Perth WA 6005
Contact Numbers:
Tel: 9322 2120 OR 9322 2926
Fax: 9322 8710

If you are aware of any other restauarants, or retailers trading in the sale of Horse Meat for Human Consumption then please message us on facebook! 




3 Responses to Horse Meat Watch

  1. Tabitha Bennett says:

    Does anyone know of any restaurants in QLD that have horse meat on their menus? I’d love to organize to have a petition or something?

  2. nohorsemeat says:

    Thanks Tabitha – we have a petition online we would LOVE you to gather signatures for. Just click the links above.

  3. cristiana says:

    Hello maybe you would know were there is a knackery or abbatoir in western australia…I heard theres one in perth but i want to know were exactly…I’m actually trying to rescue a few horses from there, I asked a veternarian but they werent very helpful and told me the horses are all there for a reason…which is a lie. So maybe you could help, thanks, Cristiana

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