Our Mission

Our mission is clear.


We want the decision to allow the granting of the license to Vince Gareffa to trade in and sell Horse Meat for Human Conusmption – revoked immediately, and for Horse Meat to be off the menu in Australia indefinitely!

Our reasons are also clear:

  • Horses suffer immensely during transport, sales and slaughter in Australia
  • Horses are companion animals, and in our culture (yes we do have one) we d.o not consumer companion animals.
  • Horses are already slaughtered en mass for pet food and for export, we do NOT want to add a new market in this country – creating further demand for Horse Meat and inevitably creating more suffering and neglect.
  • Horses are over bred in Australia, creating a large amount of Horses who are left neglected, mistreated and sent to slaughter simply becasue there are not enough people to home them – and because they are discarded by industry who use them for profit  – we do not want to see more horses in this miserable cycle.
  • Horse Meat is NOT safe for human consumption – horses ARE NOT bred for horse meat, most horses are wormed with substances that are chemically lethal to you and I, and not to mention horses from the racing industry (where most sadly are discarded from) have toxic drugs built up in their systems.

We vow to do all we can to ensure that we can save as many horses as we can – and that we see the end of the sale of Horse Meat for Human Consumption once again in Australia.

Please join us in making this happen by taking ACTION.

NOTE: We would like to address all of the Animal Welfare Issues regarding Horse Meat in Australia, from Horse Transportation, to SaleYards, to Slaughter – there is MUCH work to be done. By focusing on the issue of Horse Meat for Human Consumption we hope we can bring awareness of the reality of the brutality of Horse Slaughter, and the suffering caused – and we hope that people will make the connection to the entire industry and join us in working toward ending Horse suffering and improving welfare. We understand this is a small piece of an overall LARGE problem of overbreeding, oversupply and neglect in this country.


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