Take Action!

Please help us to help the horses and TAKE ACTION!

1.Sign our Petition

We have a new online petition, please sign this which will be emailed to the WA Liberal Government Premier, Mr Colin Barnett and the Agriculture Minister.


2.Lobby the WA State Govt or your Local MP

Lobby the W.A Liberal State Government decision makers. These are the men responsible for the decision to ALLOW the sale of Horse Meat for Human Consumption.

Contact the WA Liberal Party, tell them they have LOST your vote! http://www.wa.liberal.org.au/contact

Hon Premier Colin Barnett MLA

Premier; Minister for State Development; Science

1 Parliament Place

Telephone: +61 8 6552-5000   /   Fax: (08) 6552-5001
e-Mail: wa-government@dpc.wa.gov.au
Internet: www.premier.wa.gov.au/Ministers/Colin-Barnett

Honourable Ken Baston MLC

Ken C. Baston MLC

Minister for Agriculture and Food; Fisheries

7th Floor, Dumas House
2 Havelock Street, WEST PERTH WA 6005

Telephone: +61 8 6552-5400   /   Fax: (08) 6552-5401
e-Mail: Minister.Baston@dpc.wa.gov.au
Internet: www.premier.wa.gov.au/Ministers/Ken-Baston

Contact the W.A Labor Opposition Leader & Ministers to ask for their support in revoking the license.

Hon Mark McGowan Leader of the Opposition

Phone: (08) 9222 7351

Mick Murray MLA – Shadow Agriculture Minister

Phone: (08) 9734 2073

Contact our Federal Senators/Members in W.A:

Rachel Siewert – Greens Senator
Phone: 08 9228 3277

Melissa Parke – Labor MP Federal
Phone: 08 9335 8555

3. Contact Horse Meat Suppliers

Contact those that sell and supply Horse Meat for Human Consumption and ask them to stop the trade – click here to view their details.

We ask that you contact them to bring attention to the issues presented on this website – Horse Welfare, Health & Meat Safety and the belief of the majority of Australians that we do not want a country where we eat our pets.

4.Join us on Facebook

Join us on Facebook to stay up to date with the campaign, to share our page with your friends and colleagues and to raise awarness online of this issue!

Join Us on Facebook!

Lack of action = The death of change! 


31 Responses to Take Action!

  1. Kim Ying says:

    Stop the Sale of Horse Meat in W.A & Australia

  2. Yolanda Crisostomo says:

    I wish California residents were able to participate in this cry of horses. It’s a shame I’m not able to participate since I’m not a W.A. resident 😥

    • nohorsemeat says:

      You can certainly post us back the petition with signatures! This could show we have the international community supporting us. We have already completed an international online petition however in our country this has no legal bearing, and basically the Government ignored it. A SIGNED petition in hand writing with W.A residents in Australia means they HAVE to formally respond.

  3. Berissa Bubic says:

    Stop the Sale of Horse Meat in W.A & Australia !!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. michela messineo says:

    STOP it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please

  5. Susan Sinotte says:

    The slaughter of horses and sale of horse meat must be banned. Horses are companion animals and are subjected to cruelty and suffering if they are slaughtered.

  6. Genoveva M. Martinez says:

    Some countries government are greedy and cruel, I wish they realized people in may other countries and also the very countries where they are killing these horses are opposed to animals cruelty. Good governments care for the citizens opinion, some other don’t like Australia. Shame on all of you politicians!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Andrew Butt says:

    Stop the sale of Horse meat!

  8. Sam says:

    OH! We here in Canada, also have had a Petiton, C-544, going. Over 12,000 signatures so far and more coming.. United we must stand, yes, but, if not, we all fall. Boycott horse-meat, end horse-slaughter, end the torture, YES!, but gouverments seem to close their eyes on this, A forever, tiresome, battle..Wish you guys all the Luck. Horse-slaughter is barbaric, cruel, inhumain, and dangerous to, our health, YES! your right.. (Qc.) tks ~Happy Holidays to all, who care for Equines~ GOOD-LUCK on YOUR SIDE!!!!

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  10. Charmaine says:

    disgraceful, pure greed.
    but I guess I’m not surprised really, typical humans ‘anything for a buck’, rot in hell, & hope your own deaths are long , painful & full of anguish, because you all desereve to feel it too!

  11. Veronica Galistan says:

    Sending email to all of the “people” above!! Horse meat should and must be stopped!! Humans are getting more disgusting day by day!! What a disgrace!

  12. Vanessa says:

    STOP this vile act!
    Would you send your pet dog and cat off to be subjected to this kind of treatment?
    Horses in Australia are bought as PETS or COMPANIONS not as food!
    Its bad enough they are eating our pets but its worse when they are not even put to sleep in a decent manner and suffer days/weeks or sometimes their whole life, sometimes a short life being treated worse then our murderers and pedos in prison here!!!
    Get it right!

    • we have to stop it now horses are children to us not food we have to send a long letter to Australia people who run the state and tell them to Stop IT NOW i saw horse hunt killed leave in no where to died that not fair i wish to go to Austraila to stop it and get a mob of horses loves and tell them to help me to stop this now

  13. Savannah says:

    PLEASE DON’T EAT MY PET! Horses are noble creatures that have carried humans for thousands of years. Without them we would not be where we are today and we owe them a much greater respect than to be on our plate.

  14. martiikajoan says:

    this is so wrong.. stop it…

  15. Kelly from Canada says:

    I will download the PDF and obtain signatures. This is horrible. Good luck and thanks.

  16. Littlehorse says:

    I live in Southern NSW close to Young where they have regular horse auctions. There are usually horses there that go to the “Killers”. Just last week when going to Aldis to do some shopping I noticed a large truck with it’s open top semi trailer crammed with horses trying to raise their heads high enough to see. There must have been close to 20 horses in this truck all crammed together like sardines.

    Some were trying to fight with one another as their was no room for them to move. The ones sandwiched and wedged into the side of the truck stood there listlessly. Many of the horses were squealing and had their ears laid back as horses in nature cannot cope with being crammed tightly together.

    I waited for the driver to return to ask him if these were “Killer” horses and when he returned he told me that they were. I then said “You mean nobody wanted to buy them? (at Auction)” He said “I did!” in a hard gruff voice. I replied “I know” when what I wanted to say was “I meant to legitimate homes”.

    To me eating horse is akin to eating dog. I have grown up with horses all of my life and the sight of this truck made me sick and was a horrible nightmare to me. If an analogy were to be drawn to the non horse world it would be the same as seeing a truck full of dogs and cats all crammed in together on their way to being destroyed.

    The history of this country and the world would not be what it is today if it were not for the horse. Horses fought our battles and lost their lives in them. They were our main source of transport for thousands of years before the invention of the motor vehicle. They are beautiful innocent creatures that trust in man and this is how man is repaying him?! To treat a horse this way (or any animal) is definitely inhuman and in humane.

    Every year the Australian nations stops to celebrate the horse on the horse’s birthday and during the Melbourne Cup. I wonder how many race goers are aware of the terrible treatment of racing Thoroughbreds today in Australia? If they were aware would they celebrate the nation’s richest cup? Or would they be ashamed? Ashamed to be AUSTRALIAN!

    The biggest obstacle in this fight is the corrupt Mafia type government that allows this to go on. These are the same men who encourage gambling in the clubs and pubs all over Australia where “The Pokies” are mainly used by pensioners who can least afford to throw away their meager pensions. Horse racing and the exportation of horse meat to Japan and Europe is a big money earner in Australia along with gambling land legalized prostitution. I wonder how aware the rest of the international community is to this?

    The fight for banning the sale of horse meat and also the abuse of horses during transport to the slaughter yards is inherently intertwined with the nature of the corrupt government here.

    It has to stop. Not only in the abuse of horses but of old age pensioners as well. Until it does this country will never truly be able to hold it’s head up as high as the all the horses I saw all crammed into that truck trying to see what was around them and where they were going.

    The treatment of racing Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds and unwanted saddle horses in this country does *NOT* make me proud to be an Australian.

    A horsewoman, horse lover, Equine Artist and Activist for the Horse!

    Please help to stop the sale of horse meat and also the inhumane treatment of horses going to slaughter in Australia.

    Please help to enlighten the international community of what is going on here in the abuse of horses.

  17. Lyn says:

    Horses are more than companion animals. They are very spiritual. They are our family, our friends, our protectors, our guides, our teachers and our comforters. To slaughter them for your tables will bring too much bad karma into the world. Stop it now!!!!!!!!

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  19. Rachel says:

    The killing of horses is barbaric, these horses suffer immense torture and pain, being transported long distances, crammed into trucks, falling down repeatedly, arriving with severe injuries. These animals are our companions, they are honest and noble, they carry our kids around at pony club, are our companions and mine are members of the family. What is wrong with people in society to allow this to happen and sit back and do nothing. If the politicans allow this to continue it just says what sort of person you are and you dont have my vote.

  20. Andrew says:

    Save the horses!

  21. Nicky says:

    I own a Produce Store and I have been able to gather enormous amount of signatures on the petition just by leaving it on the counter. I will be posting a bundle off today.

  22. E.Rogers says:

    Im From California and if I see horse meat @ my store I will take it all and toss it in the trash!!! This is sick and needs to stop!!!!!!SAVE THE HORSES. Cows are bred for consumption, horses are pets!!

  23. Sheila says:

    Absolutely horrible – needs to be stopped immediately.

  24. H.R.B says:

    Is it too late to do a petition?????

  25. Kayla Tappan says:

    I really hate slaughter, do you know of any abbotoirs around perth or in W.A. I was thinking of rescuing a few horses 😦 Please give me details as I would really like to make a difference in some horses lives 😥

  26. misspav says:

    email written & sent now to deposit some money into your account…I had absolutely NO idea this was happening.

  27. sophie says:

    now before you look at this as ”just another comment ” we are not just people . we are the type of people that believe that animals should be treated as equals and yes they should ! what you are doing to these poor defencless animals is bad enough and this is were it STOPS i am sure that most people will agree when i say this is ENOUGH! .

    as a rider my self i think that when u look into those big eyes of a horse you can see how sweet that they are and if you can stand there and just look into them and watch them die i dont know how u do it sir ! , i have a question for you do you think that if you were put in a yard for a good amount of time half starved to death and then grabed by a unfamilar person, hit with a cattle prod , then run into a race where you find yourself with a gun pointed at you , get shot , you then find yourself in horrific pain because you are not even dead , you then get dragged by a tractor and while you are still living get cut up into pieces .

    now sir , think would you like that ?

    now put yourself in a horses eyes before you do this horific act !
    think of the horses they have a life too !

  28. Barbara Jean Wilson says:

    Horses have feeling and is a Mammalia Horses play a big part in our history for man kind their a gift from God its just bloody evil to be Slaughtered its cruel savaged way its unforgiving STOP SLAUGHTER OF HORSES

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