WA Liberal Govt

The current Liberal State Government lead by Premier Colin Barnett has a poor record of Animal Welfare in Western Australia. They have made many decisions  which have serious implications on the Welfare of animals in the state.

Minister Terry Redman was responsible for granting the license to Butcher Vince Garreffa, to allow him to sell Horse Meat for Human Consumption. The process of granting this license was swift, and without (as far as we are informed) adequate investigation into Horse Welfare, Horse Slaughter and supply and food safety.

Other decisions by this Government on Animal Welfare include:

  • The under-funding and decimation of the State Welfare Inspectorate, resulting in no active inspections of ANY animal in the Agricultural Industry in W.A (11 million + a year). There is now no assurance of their welfare in sale yards, stock yards, transport etc. THIS INCLUDES HORSES.
  • Approving the aerial slaughter of thousands of wild brumby horses in the Kimberly, with many horses at the planned date who would be pregnant and foaling. No alternative humane population control methods were investigated.
  • CEASING the collation and collection of Animal Testing data in Western Australia. The Government finds monitoring Animal Tests too “Labour Intensive” and has stopped ANY monitoring of Animals used in testing in Western Australia.

Lobby the W.A Liberal State Government decision makers. These are the men responsible for the decision to ALLOW the sale of Horse Meat for Human Consumption.

Contact the WA Liberal Party: http://www.wa.liberal.org.au/contact

Hon Premier Colin Barnett MLA

Premier; Minister for State Development; Science

1 Parliament Place

Telephone: +61 8 6552-5000   /   Fax: (08) 6552-5001
e-Mail: wa-government@dpc.wa.gov.au
Internet: www.premier.wa.gov.au/Ministers/Colin-Barnett

Honourable Ken Baston MLC

Ken C. Baston MLC

Minister for Agriculture and Food; Fisheries

7th Floor, Dumas House
2 Havelock Street, WEST PERTH WA 6005

Telephone: +61 8 6552-5400   /   Fax: (08) 6552-5401
e-Mail: Minister.Baston@dpc.wa.gov.au
Internet: www.premier.wa.gov.au/Ministers/Ken-Baston


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